Kuwait ? Kuwait is quite the powerhouse now.  Investment has been pouring into the gulf country at a rapid pace. From Bloomberg - Kuw...

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Kuwait ? Kuwait is quite the powerhouse now.  Investment has been pouring into the gulf country at a rapid pace. From Bloomberg - Kuwait’s graduation to emerging-markets classification by index compiler FTSE Russell could prompt inflows of as much as $700 million from investors, according to the money manager run by the nation’s largest lender.

MSCI Kuwait Index Constituents:
MOBILE TELECOM CO - Telecom Srvcs 
AGILITY - Industrials 
MABANEE CO SAKC - Real Estate 
BOUBYAN BANK - Financials 
BURGAN BANK - Financials 

From Focus Economics: Kuwait’s economy, which has suffered from weaker oil production this year, faces political instability as the year draws to a close. On 30 October, the prime minister and his entire cabinet resigned. Re-appointed by the emir, the prime minister is now in the process of forming a new cabinet. On 15 November, following a staff visit, the IMF highlighted that the country’s fiscal position remains vulnerable and dependent on transfers from its financial reserves. However, it also noted the non-oil sector stands to improve this year, moderating the expected economic contraction due to a weaker oil sector. On 21 November, Iraq agreed to resume compensating Kuwait for costs related to the 1990–1991 Gulf War, which should provide a slight fiscal dividend over the coming years.

A pick-up in the oil sector on higher oil prices should benefit the economy next year, which will also be boosted by resilient private consumption. Our panel expects GDP to increase 2.5% in 2018, which is unchanged from last month’s estimate. For 2019, panelists see GDP growth of 3.2%.
Inflation rose from a 13-year low of 0.5% in September to 1.4% in October as a result of a positive base effect. Panelists expect inflation to average 3.0% in 2018 and 3.3% in 2019.

Official name: State of Kuwait
Capital: Kuwait City (0.6m)
Other cities: As Salimiyah (0.15m)
Sabah as Salim (0.14m)
Area (km2): 17,818
Population (million, 2016 est.): 4.2
Population density (per km2, 2016): 237
Population growth rate (%, 2016 est.): 2.8
Life expectancy (years, 2016 est.): 78.0
Illiteracy rate (%, 2015): 3.7
Language: Arabic
Measures: Metric system
Time: GMT+3

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