House Bill 885, 2014 Can we say  CYA ? Gov. Deal wants reelection and is too timid to allow anything like a weed bill to pass this ses...

Ga. medical-marijuana bill dead for 2014 -

House Bill 885, 2014

Can we say CYA?
Gov. Deal wants reelection and is too timid to allow anything like a weed bill to pass this session (2014 Ga Assembly). Much like the fate of House Bill 4.
While that may seem ridiculous, it is also heartless and economically stupid, but that is politics and such is life.

House Bill 885, which received overwhelming support - and victory in the house - is dead for 2014, but support and dedication will make this a reality in 2015, and let us strive for a more progressive bill that will emerge to push the state and commissions to allow innovation and deregulation to create alternative revenue, and kick-start countless other ventures related to medicine, agriculture and health. 

"ATLANTA - The effort to legalize medical marijuana in Georgia this year died at midnight despite votes favoring the move in both houses. The General Assembly adjourned for the 2014 session with the House and Senate stalemated over the move to tie the medical marijuana bill to insurance for children's autism.

On the 40th and last day of the session, the Senate approved, 54-0, House Bill 885 legalizing some forms of marijuana for medical uses, but added provisions requiring insurance coverage for treatment of autism in children.

The key sponsor, state Rep. Allen Peake (R) of Macon, said the bill wouldn't pass the House with the autism provision because it's seen as increasing the cost of health insurance for small businesses.

In a last-ditch effort late Thursday night, the House passed yet another bill that included medical marijuana and sent it to the Senate. Peake pleaded with the Senate to pass it.

On Twitter, Peake said the bill was on life-support.

But state Sen. Renee Unterman of Gwinnett County, the chairwoman of the Senate Health and Human Services committee, which added the autism provision, said she was insisting on it, and the Senate leadership closed ranks.

Presiding In the Senate chamber late Thursday night, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle fumed, repeatedly accusing the House of holding up action to help children on autism and foster care reform."

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