Consumer Price Index - Average Price Data for Coffee, 100%, groundroast, all sizes, per lb. (453.6 gm) - Monthly CPI

( Short term, coffee may be see a downturn.
The 2016 movements are showing a reversion back to 2011 average prices and coffee (Coffee "C") has been lower on the market.

Coffee C & Robusta is in need of a volatility indicator. 

The two charts below (short-term/long-term) show consumer monthly average coffee prices per pound.

If you look at the period from 1990 - 2000 (the Starbucks effect) soon after prices tumbled until 2012. 

To a degree - if averaged out like this - coffee should stay between $4-6 for the next few years - from a consumer price perspective. I can see a brief $8.00 monthly average by 2020. - Chad

Consumer Price Index - Average Price Data
Series Id: APU0000717311
Area: U.S. city average
Item: Coffee, 100%, ground roast, all sizes, per lb. (453.6 gm)

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