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Consumer Price Index - Average Price Data for Coffee, 100%, groundroast, all sizes, per lb. (453.6 gm) - Monthly CPI

( Short term, coffee may be see a downturn.
The 2016 movements are showing a reversion back to 2011 average prices and coffee (Coffee "C") has been lower on the market.

Coffee C & Robusta is in need of a volatility indicator. 
The two charts below (short-term/long-term) show consumer monthly average coffee prices per pound.
If you look at the period from 1990 - 2000 (the Starbucks effect) soon after prices tumbled until 2012. 
To a degree - if averaged out like this - coffee should stay between $4-6 for the next few years - from a consumer price perspective. I can see a brief $8.00 monthly average by 2020. - Chad

Consumer Price Index - Average Price Data
Series Id: APU0000717311
Area: U.S. city average
Item: Coffee, 100%, ground roast, all sizes, per lb. (453.6 gm)

Brexit Worry Overshadows 2016 G7 Summit

"Everyone here at the G7 in Japan is clear and that is that it would be bad for the British economy if we left the European Union"
- George Osborne to the BBC in Sendai Friday (RTRS)

EgyptAir Flight Path MS804

Global air travel is growing at a quicker pace than global GDP.  Despite the advances we have made in air travel, are there blank spots that allow for manipulation? How can the industry grow when there is no accountability? 

Amazon's Item Price Monopoly

Amazon's entrance into the office supplies world will have an undeniable impact to the industry as a whole. 
While I understand the antitrust action as a legal theory in this case, as far as blocking a deal for fear of antitrust and or monopoly is ridiculous. 
Amazon has a history of selling $1.00 for $0.99 - NOW they sell $1.00 for $0.95 - next is $1.00 for $0.75. Small business and household enterprises are as effected as listed companies. Amazon has a total monopoly - a monopoly on item prices. 

By Diane Bartz WASHINGTON, May 17 (Reuters) - The U.S. judge who stopped Staples Inc's SPLS.O proposed merger with Office Depot Inc ODP.O last week agreed with antitrust enforcers that the deal would have meant higher prices for big business customers and that Inc's AMZN.O entry into office supplies would have done little to counter that. Judge Emmet Sullivan's opinion, released in redacted form on Tuesday, closely followed the Federal Trade Com…