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Chad Hagan is the CEO and chief investment officer of Hagan Capital Group. Investments led by Chad have been covered by global business news including Reuters, Bloomberg, Fortune and The Wall Street Journal.

Hagan began his corporate career as an accounting and business analyst and spent a decade working in special situations and distressed assets. In 2003 he organized the HCG family office to diversify and implement long term plans for the safe custody of assets. Most of his focus today is on fund management, middle-market investments, economic analysis and philanthropy. Chad has appeared on television and broadcast media and is a business and economics writer.


Outside Hagan Capital, Chad actively consults through the following groups:

LTC Indexes, Inc.
- Intelligence reporting and 1000 plus private indexes, benchmarks and markers for economics, business intelligence and investment analytics. LTC is part of Zermatt Economics Limited, a statistical computing firm and educational publisher with offices in London and Oxford, England.

GLG (Gerson Lerhman Group)
- For GLG clients Chad is available as a consultant and expert inside healthcare economics, asset management and investment analysis.

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