Since 2010, pronounced: Cha-ay-go-nom-iks

Founded by author and economic analyst Chad Hagan, Chaganomics is an educational website focused on business and the economy with a focus on geopolitical economics and commodity economics. 

Research & data is based on public information and partner developed research -  including but not limited to the following:

- Focus Economics
- Goldmans Sachs Research
- Deutsche Bank Research
- USDA Agricultural Research 
- HCG Global Services
- The FinTwit & EconTwitter Communities
- The Federal Reserve System of Banks

The name? It was used as a project name, and then SEO happened. Chad + Economics = Chaganomics, pronounced: Cha-ay-go-nom-iks

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Need To Read:
Lord Robbins: A History of Economic Thought

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