China Trade War To Escalate

Geopolitical tensions are at a boiling point, and despite the slight reprise for the upcoming elections there is no end in sight. - CH

“The world should brace for an escalation in the trade war between China and the US following the American mid-term elections, that could see Donald Trump test the strength of Chinese resolution with steeper tariffs”...

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A Look Inside China's Healthcare System

Does China has universal health care? In a way yes, but it is a combination of a few programs in theory. These programs range from the UK, US and German models. China runs a mixed system with additives, much like the US VA program. In fact, you can even buy a ticket for around $10.00 and access mega-hospitals in the city centers of China and have consultations with the countries supreme specialists at will. What could be be the draw back? You may wait for hours. 

"How to provide health care for millions of people is a question that has vexed countries and governments around the world. It’s a modern notion, but nowadays we take for granted the idea that people have the right to access health services, regardless of their wealth or social standing. We also demand that the government play some role in keeping people healthy. Americans have been arguing about whether medical insurance should be mandatory. In the UK, people are more worried that their free-for-all health care, the National Health Service, will not survive in the face of rising costs. All countries are urgently looking for a way to achieve so-called “universal health coverage” – a commitment all members of the World Health Organization made in 2005" -