Stats In Music

Sony / ATV represents 22% of the US music market. They bill themselves as: Sony/ATV is the world's No. 1 music publishing company and prides itself on housing the greatest collection of songs in the world. On behalf of our family of artists and songwriters we make it our mission to ensure their songs live forever.

Having your music (and royalties) live forever is the ultimate goal here. What about the other core sales and backbones of American music? What are they? Well, I would have to say that "bread and butter" mainstay is pop, rock and hip hop. - Stats to follow.

Country music likes to tell you they make up 10% of  music sales, but that is debatable.
Country has a futile stronghold unless mixed with pop for crossover products. There is however no doubt to the music sales power of country music stars. These acts often ’crossover’ and become the beacon of the industry. Famous crossover country stars include Garth Brooks - who has sold over 134M records and Alan Jackson who has sold over 80M records. On the flip side, folly types who have tried to jump on the country band wagon like Jimmy Buffet (a folk hybrid) has only sold 20M records. Let's jump over to the never ending hat wearing, former CMA darling Zac Brown Band...Just over 7M. Taylor Swift has sold over 30M records. 

Record sales are US only.

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