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Oil Benchmarks Outlook

The upward trend in Brent Crude Oil prices that started in mid-2017 remained intact at the outset of 2018, driven by strong fundamentals. Oil prices hit an over three-year high on 11 January. On 12 January, prices traded at USD 70.3 per barrel, which was up 8.3% from the same day in December. The benchmark price for global crude oil markets was 5.4% higher on a year-to-date basis and was up 27.8% from the same day last year. Oil supply remains limited by the successful agreement between OPEC and key non-OPEC countries to reduce oil production. In November, the latest month for which data is available, the conformity level reached 122%, the highest on record. Supply constraints in other oil-producing countries such as Venezuela are also putting a dent in global output. Strong global economic activity is propelling demand for oil, adding upward pressure on prices. On top of economic fundamentals, political developments have also played a role in the recent rally in oil prices. T…

Opioid Overdose Death Rates and All Drug Overdose Death Rates per 100,000 Population

Opioid Overdose Death Rates and All Drug Overdose Death Rates per 100,000 Population

2018 Grammy Awards Sh*tshow

I am not socially conservative, but watching the Grammys last night made me feel wildly prudish. The production seemed unplanned,  a tad scary, bloated and over budget simply for the sake of being over budget. Hillary Clinton's cameo...that was the best part of the 3.5 hour sh*tshow. 
I feel this is representative of the music industry as a whole. While historically  corporations have had a hand in music and distribution (think>Parlophone>EMI>Universal>Warner), it is my not so humble opinion that since the Napster and iTunes days music has become dominated by the mega-corporation, and has totally evaporated into the hands of three giants (Universal, Warner and Sony). All the labels are housed here and the publishers too. All the money making producers and performers want to go with these labels. Artists who are usually gun-shy and timid to sign contracts will give away newborn children to join the (perceived) cult-club of greatness, but all they really want is cash flow…

Stats In Music

Sony / ATV represents 22% of the US music market. They bill themselves as: Sony/ATV is the world's No. 1 music publishing company and prides itself on housing the greatest collection of songs in the world. On behalf of our family of artists and songwriters we make it our mission to ensure their songs live forever.

Having your music (and royalties) live forever is the ultimate goal here. What about the other core sales and backbones of American music? What are they? Well, I would have to say that "bread and butter" mainstay is pop, rock and hip hop. - Stats to follow.

Country music likes to tell you they make up 10% of  music sales, but that is debatable.
Country has a futile stronghold unless mixed with pop for crossover products. There is however no doubt to the music sales power of country music stars. These acts often ’crossover’ and become the beacon of the industry. Famous crossover country stars include Garth Brooks - who has sold over 134M records and Alan Jackso…

College Football Head Coach Salaries

From this chart (using 2012-2016 stats) we are able to see just what is being paid to who. All the conference are represented here, but Alabama (SEC) leads the chart with Nick Saban's illustrious, GOAT salary level.  The trend-line is in light blue, so the pattern seems to be averaging out to $5M.

Sources from 2015:


Rose Bowl 2018 Passing Stats

The game last night was full of highlights. One must admit though that Georgia in the second half performed at an incredible pace. They bewildered the Sooners. The Sooners also blew one heck of a lead. This is what CFB is all about.

Higher Education: Oldest Colleges In America

I noticed during a Rose Bowl advertisement last night that UGA claimed it was the birth place of American public education. To be honest and clear, UGA is the one of the first state charted universities (1785) along with UNC (1789). However UGA was inactive until  1801 and UNC mentioned the university in their states constitution in 1776, but it was not officially chartered until 1789. Clearly a bit of conflict between UGA and UNC. To compound matters William and Mary - which kicked off with a royal charter in 1693 - should be considered the oldest public state institution in America, without argument.  
Higher Education Institutions
Harvard University  Established: 1636
The College of William and Mary Established: 1693
Yale University Established: 1701
University of Pennsylvania Established: 1740 
Moravian College Established: 1742
University of Delaware Established:1743
Princeton University Established: 1746
Washington and Lee University Established: 1749
UGA was chartered in 1785 by the sta…