North Korea and U.S. Relations: The Same As The Past 65 Years

Right now it is common knowledge that the U.S. has a nuclear reactive POTUS - but the chance we will go to war is slim.

There is a chance NK has nukes, or at least is in the later stages of nuke development. However, diplomatically the U.S. has not changed on the fundamental opinions of keeping the peace on the Korean peninsula. There is a clear permanent government and leadership in U.S., and the ever changing presidents will never affect that. POTUS is using Kim Jung's playbook: make noise and then demand negotiations. China is also a reason for the temper tantrums from the Oval Office. Neanderthal logic would follow the ethos of beating drums scaring people into submission, but this is indifferent to the current POTUS thoughts on diplomacy - despite his ploy to disturb NK's nuclear development. What could happen next is a concession to attempt control over nuclear development.

What could happen?
A mistake or accident could lead to mass casualtites. This is unlikely, but the unnerving comments and current sentiment from POTUS is troubling U.S. allies. 

To my readers
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