Johnson & Johnson To Pay $33M To Resolve Allegations

JNJ to pay $33M to 42 states (California's payout is the largest at $2.3M) after pleading from allegations the company endangered consumers by skipping control standards for popular medicines like including Tylenol and St. Joseph Aspirin.

“It is reprehensible that any company would manufacture medicine that could potentially harm children,” the attorney general wrote in a Twitter post. In a statement, Johnson & Johnson said its recalls of medicines, “were precautionary and not undertaken on the basis of any health or safety risks to consumers, and we remain committed to providing consumers with safe and effective over-the-counter medicines.”  @ SF Gate

Despite the above, see the house thoughts on JNJ, specifically their oncology pipeline. The most recent earnings call was forward looking and still bedrock despite this fine and the safety risks violated. Johnson and Johnson: Oncology Overview. @HCG Research Associates

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