Voluntary Quits - 2016 Statistics

When people quit their jobs it is often a good sign. Macroeconomics wise this is a good sign. People leave for a variety of reasons but when work is good and job availability close at hand, employees "up and leave" at the drop of a hat. Interestingly enough the south has the highest spike (per this chart). My assumption is livability and purchasing power. If you see the chart below Northeast and West are close in count to each other.  So one can only guess. Dallas and Atlanta are both very large cities in the southeast, rife with population, money and industry, and less expensive from a housing and consumer perspective than New York City and San Francisco. Also, it is cheaper to roll out products lines and staffing experts for those products and new ventures in the South. I have no explanation for the Midwest. Maybe that is my next road trip. Onward, to French Lick, Indiana!

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