Wisconsin Building Commission Approves Multiple Infrastructure Projects - Muni News

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"Last week, the State of Wisconsin Building Commission, a seven-member board chaired by Governor Scott Walker, approved several infrastructure projects, which can now move on to the next stage toward implementation. The membership of the Commission consists of three State Representatives, three State Senators, and a citizen member.

Renovation of the Towers Residence Hall at UW-Eau Claire – $33 million This project renovates both ten-story Towers Hall Renovation wings to provide additional common areas, and improve resident rooms, bathrooms, and hallways to meet current standards, and other improvements. The Towers Residence Hall was constructed in 1966, and has not been remodeled since the original occupancy.

Renovation of the Witte Residence Hall at UW-Madison – $47 million A major renovation to this building over a two-year span to address mechanical issues, improve the resident spaces, and upgrade the facilities. New, expanded bathrooms will be created on each resident floor.

The final phase of the Falcon Center for Health Education and Wellness project – $1.1 million The project work in this final phase will include abatement of hazardous materials, relocation of a sewer pipe under the Nelson Building, and removal and termination of all building utilities. These buildings will be vacant when the Falcon Athletics Department and Health and Human Performance Department relocate to the new Falcon Center for Health, Education, and Wellness upon its anticipated completion in September 2017"

Here is a list of additional approvals - LINK

What is the commission? The State of Wisconsin Building Commission was created 1949 to oversee the planning, improvement, major maintenance and renovation of state facilities. In 1969, following a constitutional amendment that allowed the state to directly issue debt, the powers and responsibilities of the Commission were enlarged to include the supervision of all matters relating to the contracting of public debt. Here is a link.