Silver Spot Price w/ Dow Jones Industrial Average

Not good. Maybe an uptick is occurring, but we need a serious uptick on silver. Many promote the industrial benefit of silver but correlation tends to lag on the alpha side. 

Oil Volatility Still Going Strong

New post:
Flush with an influx of crude oil, independent global refiners are refining at breaking speed. Oil traders who bought at the lows in February ($26.01) are unloading to downstream channels. These sales should continue and will help E&P balance sheets, but only so much, as losses have greatly damaged the industry. Continued sales and revenue will repair the losses and allow for more seemingly comfortable M&A and integration.

Why The Demise of Gawker Works (Good For The Future)

Simply put, Gawker is not the New York Times, neither is the local news.
Gawker, local news, and blogs need to be held accountable for disrupting the standards of journalism and for endorsing mafia-like character assassination behavior. This is very similar to the news hacking scandal in London a few years back. Media must allow privacy and must adhere to a code of human ethics.