Retail Has No Season: The New Normal

The headlines read: Shopping has no season.

The changes that have been looming over retail have now been signaled and compartmentalized into new trends of reality for retail and shopping. But the change is not stopping. These new trends are happening for a variety of reasons, but the internet cannot be blamed for the entirety of the uproar. This uproar has led to an empowerment of the consumer which has altered marketing, shopping and real estate, all of which has been changed greatly by the internet and continued developments in technology associated with connectivity and a flatter version of capitalism. Arguments can be made - regardless - that these changes are important and much needed. However, nothing is concrete at the moment but consumers can expect to pay up for (some) items in retail settings going forward:
ex. Moleskin Reporter Notebook @ Local Art Shop is $13.00 on Amazon it is $9.99.

I fear that grocery is next: food is fresh, frozen or processed. It is also distribution, territory and then branded food, etc. etc. Commodity groceries have been delivered in some capacity since day one. As soon as this shakes-up real estate, we will likely be able to start to track long term retail developments and shopping trends. 

Holiday Shopping Season Is Losing Steam

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