China, Meet Taiwan

China says it is "seriously concerned" after US President-elect Donald Trump expressed doubts about continuing to abide by the "One China" policy. - BBC

Taiwan is a raw nerve for China, the issue over which they reflexively threaten war. Beijing operates under the "One China principle," which regards Taiwan as a renegade province. This is subtly, but importantly, different to Washington’s "One China policy," which holds that there is only "One China," and that it is up to Beijing and Taipei to resolve the question of legitimate government between them. As a practical measure, the U.S. recognizes Beijing as legitimately representing the government of China, but does not accept Beijing's assertion of sovereignty over Taiwan. Indeed, the U.S. is pledged to defend Taiwan in the event that Beijing seeks to settle matters militarily. - Forbes

One China, Two China's, Three China's

Putin is less a problem than China. China is a problem. Putin and Trump - though I never expected to say the aforementioned in a presidential manner - can muscle China to break off Taiwan. The U.S. has pledged to back Taiwan irregardless in a conflict with Beijing. While the shake up may seem out of place, there are many Taiwanese nationals who want to be separate and wish to be recognized. Taiwan is not recognized as a separate nation by the major supra-national players.

I will not allow my funds to use Hong Kong based accounts, as I don't have faith in China and don't want red-tape or strange issues that could effect me as an international investor. Seoul, Korea is a safe haven for me. China is tough to trust.
Hong Kong and Taiwan need to be independent. I do not know if this is President Trump's plan, but it is not a bad one if he wants to make changes.

When I meet citizens from Taipei, they all mention they are from Taiwan.
Trump calling the President of Taiwan publicly the "President of Taiwan" is radical from a diplomatic perspective, but not radical from a business and economic perspective. Diplomats got us into this mess to begin with, perhaps they deserve to be shaken up a bit.