As Gold Pulls Down, Sharia Gold Standard Pushes Up

When all else fails, look to the east - the Middle East! London has been replaced by Asia, and now with a looming Sharia Standard taking place, Gold is still staying as vigilant as ever worldwide.

Gold is not a great investment. In modern times it has made many people money, but that is from volatility, market making and speculation. As for holding value, there are numerous out looks on that.

However, if Indian's continue to flock into the Middle East, and or if the Middle East deals gold out to India and South East Asia then it all makes sense. The funny thing is that gold seems to have lost its luster in English speaking countries. Gold is also a terrible inflation hedge. (See & NBER Slide)

I think Gold is overweight. $700.00 per troy oz is where is should be.  - Chad Hagan

Sharia Gold Standard Link
As the Islamic financial services market grows in size and importance, so does the need for a greater understanding of the intricate matters of Islamic financial services and the application of Shariah guidance. The Islamic financial services industry is also witnessing greater implementation of internationally recognized and standardized Islamic finance guidance. - Shariah Standard on Gold

“Gold has motivated civilizations through the centuries to aim higher and strive harder. Gold is more than just a financial asset; it is an integral component of human life. "
-Dr. Hamed Hassen Merah, 
Accounting and Auditing Organisation of Islamic Financial Institutions

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