TIME WARNER DEAL - Ripples In The Water

Blood is in the water, now it is time for the media guys to be devoured by our mobile carriers (wha?)...Comcast and T-Mobile? AT&T and Time-Warner? Why not Bloomberg and Blackberry? This is a lateral bulge bracket play that is very unique. Mass Mutual owns Concord Music Group, so diversification to such a degree is not surprising. The surprise element here is how the business operates and if net neutrality becomes an issue due to the vast content hoards. For instance if Mass Mutual also sold you all of your music, and if that was not weird enough, say Mass Mutual only delivered your music digitally if you were a customer of another of their businesses, otherwise you received compact discs in the mail? Regardless, content is 👑 king. Make that super king. It doesn't even matter if it's worth it (this is when they over pay).

“We think the likelihood of a Fox bid for Sky now rises,” said Tim Nollen, an analyst at Macquarie Capital, referring to the pan-European satellite television and internet company. Rich Greenfield, an analyst at BTIG, pondered, “Can Comcast really resist buying T-Mobile?” Michael Morris, a Guggenheim Partners analyst, contended that Disney “should be strongly considering acquiring” Netflix. - NYTIMES