An Unneccesary Merger Between Corporate Goons - AB InBev + SABMiller

Between 2005 - 2015 the beverage goons were asleep at the switch. But 2016 is a bad time to start a craft brewery. The goons are awake and they are thinking the way goons think, and our government needs to block this merger.
Valuations will be suppressed after this deal wraps - if it wraps.
Does anyone see a massive issue with this? Craft brew will be squeezed out and these two groups will have a global monopoly. What is my issue with this? For starters it is "just" beer. You can make beer in the bath tub, and what was once attractive (Stella, Woodchuck, Ballast Point, etc.) is now owned by corporate goons. Mega-corps cannot make craft products. Part of craft is the love of the craft, not the lust of the money behind it. Part of America is dying. These goons love destroying ideas and innovation for the benefit of their corporate jets, sponsorship of sporting events and buying private vineyards that their third wives name "Chantavia" or maybe something more terrible. Nevertheless it should be a crime, just like their hairplugs.
I hear a few beer heirs are still rummaging around the hallways of these beverage cos, no doubt attempting to recreate the 1850’s and make dead relatives happy. Dreams die hard. Adolphus is Adolf Hitler, and the legions of workers the SS. They are clearly driven by debt service needs and the dream of global domination of this intellectually drab industry. I'm glad my family doesn't own breweries, I'd have to cozy up with these goons and elephant walk it to a NASCAR race to dump the enterprise.

If you have a craft brew house, brew an ‘I Hate Miller InBev IPA’ and sell the hell out of it!

Disclosure - I don't drink alcohol and don't trade the industry. No horse in the race. 

RTRS- AB InBev launched its bid for SABMiller in November that would combine the company's Budweiser, Stella Artois and Corona brands with SABMiller's Peroni, Grolsch and Pilsner Urquell and brew almost a third of the world's beer.

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