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Geopolitico - US & South China Sea

Seemingly moments after Xi made a visit... From Reuters China claims most of the South China Sea and on Oct. 9 its Foreign Ministry warned that Beijing would "never allow any country to violate China's territorial waters and airspace in the Spratly Islands, in the name of protecting freedom of navigation and overflight." The United States argues that under international law, building up artificial islands on previously submerged reefs does not entitle a country to claim a territorial limit and that it is vital to maintain freedom of navigation in a sea through which more than $5 trillion of world trade passes every year.

Fund of Funds Screaming From Fees - Hedge Fund News

By Simon Jessop and Sinead CruiseLONDON, Oct 16 (Reuters) - U.S. asset manager Principal Global Investors is to shut London-based hedge fund investment firm Liongate Capital Management after fee-conscious investors withdrew too much money from its funds.While the hedge fund industry has hit $3 trillion on demand for alternative bets in a low-return world, investors are keen to pay less to make those bets, hitting funds that charge an extra fee for selecting which hedge funds to invest in."The headwinds in the hedge fund of funds industry -- fees on fees, declining assets, which I think is an industry phenomenon -- in spite of decent performance, had got us to the point where it was better, on scale grounds, to return cash to investors," said Principal Chief Executive Jim McCaughan.Liongate, which ran $1.4 billion at the time Principal took a majority stake in 2013, had less than $500 million in assets under management, a spokesman for Principal said, after suffering "si…

More Deceptive Practices? Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. - New Lawsuits

Volatility Going Strong - US Markets

Complaints of US employers slamming the breaks on hiring, in addition to global woes, have placed the fed on hold.  Forecasts call for rates action to take place in March 2016.

However, launch the IPOs. Let us not forget that corporates hit the skids at alarming rates. New blood in the system is mandatory.

Parting words...emissions. Set to explode right? The VW scandal is about to uncover a history (since the 1970's) of VW going face-to-face with the EPA. Just wait., Carbon finance is the new darling once again.

NEW YORK, Oct 2 (Reuters) - The global market volatility of the past month that sent U.S. stocks to their worst quarter in four years shows no signs of letting up just because the calendar turned to October.

Investors say they are bracing for another leg down in the S&P 500 stock index despite its positive showing last week by increasing cash and other defensive positions in their portfolios.

"Do I think we go into a bear market? No. Can we inch toward it? Ab…