‘Enormous’ investment potential in ‘risky’ South Africa – Goldman Sachs

Speaking at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) in Johannesburg, Goldman Sachs chairperson and CEO Lloyd Blankfein said in response to Creamer Media’s Mining Weekly Online that he would give the exact same answer if asked about investment in China. He said he was generally bullish about South Africa as a favourable investment destination, but that it would be appropriate to scale the investment to this country’s risky.

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Flash boy - May 6th 2010

THAT America’s stockmarkets dropped by 10% in a few minutes on May 6th 2010 was worrying enough, even if they did bounce back quickly. Worse still was the realisation that nobody understood why or how it had happened. After pointing the finger in various directions, American authorities have settled on an unlikely culprit: Navinder Singh Sarao, a 36-year-old British day-trader they now want to extradite to face an assortment of criminal and civil charges.

Market watchdogs would not have expected the source of the "flash crash", as it came to be known, to be a lone trader based in a nondescript semi-detached house in Hounslow, an unfashionable suburb nestled between central London and Heathrow airport. But they would be less surprised by the methods he is accused of using, most notably "spoofing", a common form of market manipulation.