To Be Discontinued - Superfund #18

It was fun but we have morphed into another project of Hagan's:
 Zermatt Data Corp.

Until Then, Enjoy The Last...

Superfund Macro Report

Restructuring Wall Street: The by-product of nearly 1200 mergers, JPMorgan Chase & Co. $JPM is in the business of expansion, while slashing jobs... -LINK

In Depth
IPO News: Spread your wings: Wingstop sets terms for $75 million IPO - LINK

Virtual Reality is coming to main street. Oddly enough, VR will first be used for taxes and other sensitive issues regarding personal information that often lead journalists and the masses to suspicion. Game on.

Why The TBAC Is Suddenly Very Worried About Market Liquidity - LINK

Onward Profits!


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