Superfund Macro Report #10

Superfund Macro Report


The Euro takes a deeper dive...but then slightly recovers. Currently at $1.0566.

An Interest Rate Hike Could Cause A Recession? LINK

Why is Apple making a gold watch? Think luxury markets - LINK 

How Billionaires in London Use Secret Luxury Homes to Hide Assets - LINK

U.S. crude fell below $43 a barrel on Monday for the first time since March 2009 - LINK

In Depth

From bust to boom: How the world became addicted to debt Mapped: Eight years on from the financial crisis, the global economy is still awash with record levels of debt. Click on the countries to find who's in the red and who's in the black - LINK

The Bloomberg Commodity Index fell 1.4 percent to 97.5777, the lowest level since August 2002, dragged down by crude oil and raw sugar. The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index, tracking the greenback against 10 currencies, is set to climb the most since 2008 this quarter and reached the highest level in data going back to the end of 2004. A stronger dollar tends to deter investment in raw materials - LINK

Spine (really head) transplantation is here - LINK 

Onward profits!


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