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Russian Inflation Accelerates to 11.4%

12:05, 31 Dec 2014 (Wed) 
MOSCOW--Russian inflation accelerated as the ruble plummeted in December to a rate of 11.4% for the year, the highest level since the 2008 financial crisis. Many retailers started raising prices in December as the ruble's losses against the dollar soared over 40% for the year amid Western sanctions on Russia and a plunging price for oil, the country's main export. Consumer prices rose 2.6% in December compared with the previous month, according to preliminary data from the State Statistics Committee published Wednesday. In November, annual inflation was 9.1% Food prices rose 15.4% on the year, while non-food inflation stood at 8.1%, the data showed. Last year, consumer prices rose 6.5%. Russia's economy is facing stagflation, a combination of low growth and stubbornly high inflation, and is likely to fall into recession next year after the central bank jacked up lending rates to support the beleaguered ruble. 
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Reuters Daily Oil Insider


(Inside Oil - Asia edition will not be published on Thursday, January 1, 2015 as markets are 
closed in observance of New Year Holiday. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.) 


U.S. opens door to oil exports after year of pressure 

The Obama administration on Tuesday bowed to months of growing pressure over a 40-year-old ban 
on exports of most domestic crude, taking two steps expected to unleash a wave of ultra-light 
shale oil onto global markets. 

Obama move on U.S. oil exports paves way for Canadian crude, too 

As the Obama administration issued landmark guidelines expected to open the door for selling 
more domestic shale oil abroad, it also likely smoothed the way for more Canadian crude to be 
shipped through U.S. ports. 

Fire at Libyan oil port destroys up to 1.8 mln barrels of crude 

A fire raging for almost a week at Libyas biggest oil port of Es Sider has destroyed up to 1.8 
million barrels of crude and damaged seven storage tanks, causing total damage of $213 million, 
a to…

Russia's Putin scraps New Year's holidays for ministers

Russia's Putin scraps New Year's holidays for ministersAP - Thu Dec 25, 7:15AM CST MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday scrapped New Year's holidays for government ministers because of the unfolding economic crisis.Russian company employees throughout the country are entitled to holiday from Jan. 1 to Jan. 12 when Russians celebrate the New Year, the main holiday in Russia, as well as Orthodox Christmas on Jan. 7.Putin told a televised government session on Thursday that Cabinet ministers should not take this time off."For the government, for your agencies we cannot afford this long holiday, at least this year - you know what I mean," he said.Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told Cabinet ministers on Thursday he expects them to keep the situation in check even during the holiday lull "from the first days of the year."Russia's economy, battered by low oil prices and Western sanctions, is set to enter recession next year for the fir…

Superfund Equities Report December 21 2014

Superfund Equities Report

Fiat Chrysler is having problems. Earlier this year we stood by them and the vision of the dynasty. We traded in and out and had an established level of confidence when the Ferrari IPO was announced. Then came the airbags. Let us wait to see about Ferrari.

North Korea denies hacking Sony, U.S. stands by its assertion...LINK


BHP Billiton plc (LON:BLT) had its price target lowered by analysts at Deutsche Bank from GBX 2,400 ($37.72) to GBX 2,100 ($33.00) on Tuesday. They now have a "buy" rating on the stock.

The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:DOW) is now covered by analysts at Nomura on Tuesday. They set a "buy" rating and a $57.00 price target on the stock. 24.3% upside from the previous close of $45.84.

Vale SA (ADR) (NASDAQ:VALE) had its price target lowered by analysts at Credit Suisse from $10.50 to $7.50 on Monday. They now have an "underperform" rating on the stock. 7.9% downside from the previous close of $8.14.


ODP >> Takeover Target - December 11, 2014

ODP >> Takeover Target - December 11, 2014 - Updated 12/17/2014 by C. Hagan

Business Summary: Office Depot, Inc. (ODP, $7.54/shr - NOW AT $7.99) supplies office products and services to consumers and businesses through approximately 2,000 stores and its primary in North America (approximately 80% of sales) and select international countries (20% of sales). ODP is entering the second year of a three-year integration plan following its merger with Office Max in late 2013 and the combined company generates annual revenue of approximately $16 billion.

Activist Investor: Activist investor Starboard Value LP on December 10, 2014 filed a 13 D/A reporting an increased 9.9% stake in ODP after filing an initial 13D back in September 2012. Starboard has been an active ODP shareholder over the last two years and won three board seats in an August 2013 settlement with the company. Also on December 10, 2014 Starboard filed a 13D reporting a new 5.1% stake in larger co…

Superfund Equities Report - 12/01/2014

Superfund Equities Report


Greetings December!

Today in Atlanta it was unseasonably warm. I like weather benchmarks, and today we blew one out. That will change with night fall. Come on strong winter!

What is up with commodities? Are traders in Zurich shutting shop? Perhaps switching to Saudi only oil and for that fact, eastern demand for precious metals?

The US oil industry is maturing, not ending...LINK

Even lower crude prices possible...

However, as of 9pm last night WTI crude oil hit new multi-year lows in early overseas action - to $64.60 per barrel.

NOW, Gold is at $1208 per ounce and silver is at $16.64. Also, Swiss voters overwhelmingly rejected a proposal which would have forced the central bank to hold 16% more gold in holdings - as in pure, non-transferable holdings.

Stock Upgrades/ Downgrades...

Alcoa Inc (NYSE:AA) was upgraded by analysts at Citigroup Inc. from a "neutral" rating to a "buy" rating. They now have…