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Thomas Piketty's bestselling post-crisis manifesto is horrendously flawed

Originally from The Telegraph by Allister Heath

Given that today’s fashionable economic ideas tend to become tomorrow’s government policies, it’s not looking good for the future of free-market capitalism. Consider the current bestselling book in America, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, a hugely important work that has already become the defining post-crisis manifesto. Its ground-breaking research on historic patterns of wealth ownership is second to none, but its conclusions are horrendously flawed.

Its author, the French economist Thomas Piketty, advocates an 80pc income tax rate for those earning more than £300,000 a year. For good measure, he also floats a range of other even worse ideas, including an internationally coordinated progressive wealth tax, hitting anybody with at least £165,000 in assets and peaking at a crippling 10pc a year on billionaires, a windfall tax on private capital, a dose of inflation and a war on inherited wealth. It’s the kind of hardcore message to wa…

Maundy - Easter - Passover 2014

Originally (more fully Maundy ceremony): the ceremony of washing the feet of a number of poor people, performed by royal or other eminent people, or by ecclesiastics, on the Thursday before Easter (see Maundy Thursdayn.), and commonly followed by the distribution of clothing, food, or money (now hist.); also in extended use. Later (also Royal Maundy): the distribution of gifts of money to a number of chosen recipients by the British sovereign on Maundy Thursday.For the full article read here -
Chaganomics Easter 2014 Happy Easter to Atlanta and London - CSH

The Pivot: When Startups Change Direction and Try Again

Previouslypublished at After sitting in the captain’s seat long enough you will find that even when businesses or departments fail, rarely do they fail completely. You always learn from the experience. Down the road you tend to hope that you need to learn less and that you will make more on ventures, but the safety net of being able to come back stronger and more focused is a reality if planned and detailed enough. In fact, learning should never stop. To be a career entrepreneur and business owner you need to know the scene, or hire people who do. When a business changes course, what do you do? Why did the venture change course? Perhaps the ventures is dead in the water; perhaps you need to take a step back… Pivoting is an obvious term. When the idea doesn’t work — or possibly does not gain traction after a set time — the idea and venture must be retooled. Anything I have been involved in has involved capital, time, and skilled labor. No back turning here. If the first leg…