Christie Sandal - Most Insightful Article Yet

I can't say I like the New York Times, but good journalism speaks for itself.

This is a very informative comprehensive article about the Christie scandal - up to this point - and all that has literally, been going down. These type of headline content scandals can be hard to follow.

To close, the political scene is heating up and now is prime time for taking contenders out and changing the game for 2016. Forecasts call for a GOP house win and near win in Senate, gridlocking BO and his administration during their final years. Opponents are using sticky tactics to establish a better foothold anyway they can.

From the NYTimes:

On Aug. 13, that aide, Bridget Anne Kelly, one of the governor’s deputy chiefs of staff, sent an email to David Wildstein, a Christie appointee at the Port Authority, saying, “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

“Got it,” Mr. Wildstein replied.

One month later, on Sept. 9, several local lanes onto the bridge, the world’s busiest, were suddenly closed, snarling traffic in Fort Lee and causing headaches for thousands of commuters. The lanes remained closed for days.

As the matter came under increasing scrutiny, Mr. Wildstein and another Christie loyalist at the authority, Bill Baroni, resigned under a cloud of suspicion. Ms. Kelly was fired this week.

The new documents offer a look at the internal strife the lane closings set off within the Port Authority, ultimately pitting the executive director, Patrick J. Foye, who was appointed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, against officials from New Jersey appointed by Mr. Christie. At one point, as Mr. Foye continued to inquire about the matter, Mr. Wildstein called him a “piece of crap” in an email to Michael Drewniak, Mr. Christie’s chief spokesman.

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