Splitting Up California

I support Tim Draper's plan. I am a partial hater of California.

The postwar WWII state population explosion demanded plans for new housing construction and real estate developers were all too happy to build California , mass produced ranch-style houses, marketed for “California living.”

The soup bowl of Southern California; part wasteland urban sprawl outside of LA and into Orange County and the boarder town San Diego, put amazing strain on the surrounding natural resources and inhibit economic stability. The conurbation of San Diego-Tijuana leads to a massive trafficking and smuggling trade, and then you have fires...It's as if the land itself is telling you to leave.
What about the rental market and California's renters law?
20% of the population is below the poverty level, K-12 education is abysmal, and a massive prison population.  Let's not even get started on water. 

From the activist site SixCalifornias.com -

"California needs a refresh. Our public schools have gone from the top in the nation to 47th. We are ranked 50th out of 50 for the worst business climate in the United States. We have high unemployment and the percentage of people living below the poverty line is steadily increasing. Our state needs a massive investment in infrastructure and a streamlined process to help grow and keep businesses. Our state needs our help."

Here is some legislative info from the Attorney General.
Six Californias Fiscal Analysis