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An apposite omen for Britain today

Monday, October 28, 2013 12:52 PM GMT- From the Guardian

A fox has killed two Tower of London ravens, taking the kingdom dangerously close to ruin, despair – and yet another cull

by Philip Hoare

Forget the apocalyptic storm. We've got worse things to worry about. A fox has killed and eaten two of the ravens at the Tower of London, reducing the birds' population from eight to six, thus bringing us dangerously close to under a half-dozen which, if breached - as Charles II decreed - the kingdom would collapse into ruin and despair.

The incident, which has only just been made public, has been headlined as "rocking the future of the monarchy". I don't wonder that, in the wake of the botched slaughter of badgers, this latest outrage will spark a new cull of the apparently much hated, baby-smothering urban fox – although they are guilty of little more than rooting through our bins like freegan raiders.

Cue a new pronouncement from pro-hunting Owen Paterson, perhaps, on the d… The scary new chapter of America’s 223-year love affair with debt

America might have too much debt for its system to cope with.

No, not the financial system. Sure, at $16.7 trillion, the US government has a lot of debt. But despite what you might hear, America is not bankrupt, any more than a homeowner with a mortgage is bankrupt. In fact, thanks to healthy buying from Japan, China and the US Federal Reserve—not to mention a worldwide scramble by investors in search of safe places to put money—the US can easily and cheaply borrow any money it needs to meet its obligations.

No, the system we’re talking about is not the financial system—it’s the democratic system. Maybe America’s awesome ability to take on debt is actually weakening the country’s willingness to pay it back. And maybe that’s why the nation’s hard-won reputation as a near-pristine borrower is starting to crumble in what may be an unsettling new chapter  of America’s 223-year relationship with government debt.

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Life Expectancy & Country Wealth - Big Data

The joy of stats - 200 Years in 4 Mins  You have to watch this.

I literally just watched this at a luncheon.