The Problems with Egypt

I wrote a research paper on Egypt's economy in college for an ec-development course. To no surprise it primarily revolves - or revolved - around tourism. But tourism has drastically dropped, and for the time being it seems halted.    
More alarming is that there are 80 mil people along the thin stretch of the River Nile, and Egypt cannot provide them with jobs and infrastructure.  
These are dangerous times...Quite confusing and complex too. In fact, Egypt is in the wrong region for this type of behavior, but yet they have massive problems and with no real solutions, and a government on its side. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to "Arab Springs" and what have you, the broadcast news industry is in the middle of such a tedious side step that recently we've seen them more unhelpful and inaccurate as ever before. 
Fools reading teleprompters (that is assuredly a dated word) and speaking what editors and producers copy and paste into files, is not what you need to pay attention to. 
Here is the best summary yet...

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What’s really behind Egypt’s turmoil. Yes, yes; dictatorship, religious factionalism, military brutality. But also: falling oil production, a booming population, spiking food prices, dwindling water supplies. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed explains why Egypt’s military has already lost the war that it began.