Why I held onto my feathercoins

Why did I hold onto my feathercoins?
It was tough, but I believe in the movement and could not bring myself to dump my holdings, though I received a tremendous rate of return on my original investment. Feathercoin hit a high of $1.75 recently before dropping to $0.60, where it is still hovering.  
But, I believe in the community and personally think feathercoin will be worth $10 - $30 a coin after the markets become more established
And personally, I bought these from profits made using arbitrage tactics and trading practices, and that never happens in todays market. 

Some of the crypto's out there are not worthy of any attention - others like Litecoin, Bitcoin and Feathercoin are fundamentally stable -  but all investments take research and knowledge and understanding. This is not a penny stock game.

Here is a good article showing btc's 30% drop and subsequent 20% gain.