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The Target Security Breach - A Big Payout

Target's recent security breach has been labeled the "nightmare before christmas" but from another standpoint, that may not be the case. I would think most shopping has been done by now. Plus, Target spends a lot of money on advertising and PR - this could be played very well - and has  enjoyed a great reputation amongst consumers.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit about this recent theft is the theft itself. Stolen credit card information sells for around $.25 a unit (on the black market). You can do the math and see how it is very much a numbers game. So much a numbers game that you need hundreds of thousands of names. Credit card companies (the largest is JP Morgan) have massive fraud units that cut the percentages of thieves successfully running transactions on these stolen units by a hefty amount. 

"The chain said customers who made purchases by swiping their cards at terminals in its U.S. stores between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15 may have had their accounts exposed. …

Why I held onto my feathercoins

Why did I hold onto my feathercoins?
It was tough, but I believe in the movement and could not bring myself to dump my holdings, though I received a tremendous rate of return on my original investment. Feathercoin hit a high of $1.75 recently before dropping to $0.60, where it is still hovering.  
But, I believe in the community and personally think feathercoin will be worth $10 - $30 a coin after the markets become more established. 
And personally, I bought these from profits made using arbitrage tactics and trading practices, and that never happens in todays market. 

Some of the crypto's out there are not worthy of any attention - others like Litecoin, Bitcoin and Feathercoin are fundamentally stable -  but all investments take research and knowledge and understanding. This is not a penny stock game.

Here is a good article showing btc's 30% drop and subsequent 20% gain.