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Hidden Anti- HIPPA Compliant Source Code In HCR/ Obamacare

Anyone who signs up for Obama care signs away all privacy. Remarkable.
Obama care is not HIPPA compliant, and CMS ordered the secret source code?

Georgia Senate Race: A furious—and political—debate about the origins of mankind

From The Economist:

Denying science is a bad habit among conservatives of all stripes: Paul Broun, a Georgia Republican who sits on the House science committee (and who wants to run for the Senate), says evolution is a lie “straight from the pit of hell”. That’s pandering, not piety.

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Psychoanalysis of the McRib

The Atlantic is mark on with this op-ed. From day one - high school really - I have squirmed in my seat at the thought of eating a McRib. I am not a rib eater for the most part anyways, so why would I spring for a reconstructed pork patty made to look like it has edible ribs (?).

"By contrast, there is no world in which pork spare ribs could be eaten straight through, even after having been slow cooked such that some of the cartilage breaks down. "
- The Atlantic

This obviously leads to the chicken nuggets and how they are hardly chicken nuggets, but the main fact is that the McRib is a tad grosser and plays into our subconscious somehow, to some people. Not to mention, this seasonal monster is a success to the bottom line of an American corporation so iconic it parallels that of any other global brand. Is the McRib here to round out the menu?

Regardless, I favor the Big Mac.

From The Atlantic:

Each year, the McRib makes a brief visit to Earth. Its arrival elicits reactions rang…

Report - Precious Metals Manipulation - Gold and silver price manipulation from the top down

How interesting - enjoy the read. CSH

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Silver Achilles

Silver is a bigger 'problem' because CB's don't have any physical metal to "inject" into the market in order to maintain the confidence game.

But probably not for long. And one might assume the end is very near, given how fragile/vulnerable the system is (especially the credit/REPO market) to "unforeseen" shocks, Black Swans, etc.

This is where I find it too easy to get carried away. One quick look around the macro world reveals a host of potential shocks. This would fuel the need and opportunity to build short-term predictions about current events (rationalized with evermore sophisticated technical or trading indicators).

Interpreting the Whistleblower

The work of GATA and Ted Butler dovetail somewhat. GATA has exposed the reality and legal mechanism for intervention. Ted focuses mainly on the details of how that intervention manifests in the trading data.

Backing up furt…

Dutch Food Delivery Website Takes Bitcoins

Bitcoin is growing in popularity everyday, and more and more individuals are trusting the currency. The recent spike in price per USD has only helped....

Dutch Food Delivery Website Takes Bitcoins

The main website that arranges home delivery for restaurants in the Netherlands is now accepting payment in bitcoins, an increasingly popular form of digital currency.

Around 5,000 Dutch restaurants use the site to handle around 600,000 online orders and deliveries per month.

The company's marketing manager, Imad Qutob, on Tuesday said Thuisbezorgd wanted to offer customers more choice in how they pay.

The company says around half its customers pay cash on delivery. Others pay via the site using debit cards, credit cards, PayPal or an online system run by Dutch banks.

Paying with bitcoins could save customers a little change: Thuisbezorgd adds surcharges of up to one euro ($A1.43) for other forms of online payment.

Bitcoin is a cryptography-based digital currency that advoca…

Russia reportedly planning state-controlled 'Sputnik' search engine

OK, here comes Russia....

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In what appears to be a further attempt to censor the internet, Russia is reportedly building its own state-controlled search engine. The report comes from Russian newspaper Vedomosti, which claims that the search engine will be called Sputnik, and is being developed by state-owned telecom Rostelecom. It could potentially become the default search tool for government institutions. The telecom has reportedly invested more than $20 million in the project, and is attempting to lure talent from rival companies with hopes to launch the search engine early next year. However, even if the report is true, the search engine will likely have a tough time cracking the Russian market. Local company Yandex holds more than 60 percent market share in the country, with the likes of Google and other search engines filling out the rest. "With its lac…