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Two Charts: A year of silver

 Two Charts: A year of silver 

I'm calling for a quick price drop...Silver forecasting is great with excellent charts. Anyone share my thoughts? Physical silver is sold at a much higher premium than it's worth, and while there are obvious values in having bullion in your safe, silver is best traded in futures, ETFs or through exchanges like BullionVault.  If you look at the above charts, to me they suggest a drop back to $20.00 or below, but not for long...

Meanwhile: Commodities In Indian Are Skyrocketing

As the rupee is falling gold, copper and crude oil are sky rocketing.

"The  has been on a free fall and this has caused  and crude oil to hit a new high on Multi Commodity Exchange as these are dollar denominated commodities.

Rupee saw a drastic fall of 3% in today's trade and closed at Rs 68.80 per dollar on the back of heavy month end dollar demand from oil companies and importers.

'Further, outflow of foreign funds from equities and debt coupled with worries over the Current Account Deficit (CAD) acted as a negative factor for the currency.  However, selling of dollars from exporters and Reserve bank of India (RBI) at 68.75-levels couldn’t provide respite to fall in the currency. ,' Angel Commodities said in a report.

Silver is also at a 8 months high as it is following the movement of base metals as well as the movement in gold.  Silver on MCX hit a high of Rs 59,942 per kilogram.


Copper, gold and crude oil for second day in a row have hit a…

Be a sociopath—or just act like one

There are some traits sociopaths exhibit that lead to success - so knowing them and applying them are very useful -  but it doesn't mean you half to be one...
Copied from The Economist

WHAT is a sociopath? Diagnostically speaking, it is someone who possesses a mixture of the following characteristics: charm, grandiosity, bloodless rationality, impulsivity, an appetite for risk, an erratic sex-life and little capacity for remorse. A sociopath is rarely prone to introspection, which is why M.E. Thomas's "Confessions of a Sociopath" is such an odd memoir.

Ms Thomas is the pseudonym of a female law professor who is also a confirmed sociopath (as confirmed as it gets, at least, in a field of notoriously murky assessment tools: she says she was diagnosed by a professor of psychology who is also a leading researcher in the field). Blending autobiography, anecdote and research, her book is less juicy for its content than for its writing style, which amounts to an uncut expressi…

The Wealth Transfer Effect of Bitcoins

I have wondered the same. Why did btc price skyrocket during the Cyprus situation? 
This article is from Coindesk What really caused the value of bitcoin to skyrocket back in April, when the price per BTC shot up to a record high of $266? Was it really because of Cypriot banking controls, where a number of uninsured accounts were lost? Or was it simply the idea that the banking industry could wield so much control over the finances of people that caused bitcoin to go up? Could it be that a wealth transfer effect, where people move from a fiat currency into bitcoin was happening, and continues to do so? A historical look at prices
The high price of a Bitcoin in the beginning of March was $34.63. Source: Bitcoin Charts
Entering the first part of March 2013, the price of bitcoin held in the $30 range. But that didn’t last long: volume caused the price level to move quickly into the $40 range, and it wasn’t long before it was close to $50. Keep in mind when looking at the following chart t…

The Problems with Egypt

I wrote a research paper on Egypt's economy in college for an ec-development course. To no surprise it primarily revolves - or revolved - around tourism. But tourism has drastically dropped, and for the time being it seems halted.     More alarming is that there are 80 mil people along the thin stretch of the River Nile, and Egypt cannot provide them with jobs and infrastructure.   These are dangerous times...Quite confusing and complex too. In fact, Egypt is in the wrong region for this type of behavior, but yet they have massive problems and with no real solutions, and a government on its side. 
Unfortunately, when it comes to "Arab Springs" and what have you, the broadcast news industry is in the middle of such a tedious side step that recently we've seen them more unhelpful and inaccurate as ever before.  Fools reading teleprompters (that is assuredly a dated word) and speaking what editors and producers copy and paste into files, is not what you need to pay attentio…

Vermont & 8 states allow hemp growth; fed law conflicts

From WAITSFIELD, Vt. (AP) — Some Vermont farmers want to plant hemp now that the state has a law setting up rules to grow the plant, a cousin of marijuana that's more suitable for making sandals than getting high. But federal law forbids growing hemp without a permit, so farmers could be risking the farm if they decide to grow the plant that the Drug Enforcement Agency basically considers marijuana. Hemp and marijuana share the same species — cannabis sativa — but hemp has a negligible content of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. Under federal law, all cannabis plants fall under the marijuana label, regardless of THC content. To grow marijuana for industrial purposes or research, a grower must register with the DEA and meet specific security requirements, such as installing costly fencing for a field of hemp. A national nonprofit group is pushing to change current law and move regulation of hemp farming from the DEA to the state. In the meantime, the grou…

Historical Tin Prices

Limited supply too. "Tin is the smallest of the base metals in terms of production volume, with fewer than 360,000 tonnes produced annually (2011) compared with some 45 million tonnes per year of aluminium. The small size of the market can mean tin faces liquidity issues at times, which can lead to increased volatility and some sharp and extended price moves." Link

Also of importance, currently China is the #1 importer - Indonesia is the largest exporter... All electronics manufacturing uses tin.

From - New Post: Startups – Think Like Serial Entrepreneurs Link

Startups – Think Like Serial Entrepreneurs

Serial entrepreneurs are the types that start multiple businesses. They become accustomed to the topography of the markets they deal in, and launch businesses and ventures based on data, experience, timing and trends. They tend to have more defined goals and a better network community, which as we know can be everything.

As the entrepreneurial rush continues, we’ll continue to see more and more of these types of entrepreneurs in addition to portfolio entrepreneurs, and more soon to emerge originals. Trained capitalists of sorts – like historic merchant privateers who staked out profitable trade routes.

In 2008, Harvard Business Review published a working paper – I have reposted this paper at my zine/ weblog. In abstract: “This paper presents evidence of performance persistence in entrepreneurship. We show that entrepreneurs with a track record of success are much more likely to succeed than first-time entrepreneurs and those …

INFOGRAPHIC: Money – The cold hard facts

I'm nuts about money - or how about this - I'm nuts about currency. I like money as everyone does, and as a capitalist and serial entrepreneur I strive daily to increase growth, my human network and profits, but it's good to know the cold hard facts behind a buck, and what it entails....

How many tonnes of ink does the US Bureau of Engraving use per day?
What are US paper bills made of?
What was the largest bill ever printed worth?
What's the prison sentence for counterfeiting currency?

If you haven't had enough, here are some more facts: - U.S. produces 26 million notes a day with a face value of around $907 million.
- Federal Reserve notes account for over 90% of U.S. currency.
- Federal Reserve: the central bank of the U.S. It was created to provide a safer, monetary system in 1913. Their duties include regulating banks and financial institutions, maintaining national financial security, provide services to U.S. government, and influencing money and credit co…