Thoughts on Russia

Russia is located in northern Eurasia. I've never been to Eurasia, but I find it interesting. Being a proven Westerner, I often forget about Eurasia and Russia. I forget how Russia looms over a tremendous landmass and holds a staggering amount of natural resources, history and population. In fact Russia is so large that it eclipses all other land masses aside from Antarctica. The coastline alone encompasses a few oceans and countless seas, stretching for 22,991 m. 


Again, being an American, Russia has always been in the news. The US & Yeltsin relationship was interesting -  Putin is equally as interesting, and so are his supporters. 
To say the Khodorkovsky incident is interesting would be a gross understatement. Have you seen the documentary? He is still in prison. Per the documentary -  Russia had two options when they were privatizing their various state owned industries - sell to foreigners or give to Russians. Those in charge decided against the former and picked a group of Russians, thereby forming an elite and bourgeois class overnight. 

Natural resources & Numbers
Oil & reserves....population
What about this city and the importance of its port? 
Kaliningrad, Russia


Let us not forget the corruption. 
There was a great 36 hours type piece about a visit to Moscow in Nat Geo a few years ago. At that time Russian's were lighting cigars with America's hundred dollar bills, but times could have since changed....
Magnit - a Russian retailer - is taking growth in Russia to a whole new level.  

VC & Startups
Recently, Russia’s leading online fashion site, Lamoda, announced a $130 million investment infusion, the biggest deal in the history of Russian online retailers.

On that - A message from Sloktech & MIT Ideas Lab: Skoltech and MIT Ideas Lab Sept 23-27 in Russia We are hosting an Innovation Ecosystem Ideas Lab, a workshop to identify new research
projects. The workshop will be held September 23-27, 2013 in Russia. We areasking: "How can an institution or government seed, grow, and maximize technological innovation and entrepreneurship?" The deadline to apply is July 5, 2013. To learn more and to apply, visit http://www.skoltech.ru/innovation/ideas-lab