Wearable Technology Is Exploding

Credit Suisse released a gargantuan of a report on wearable technology recently and the ripple has spread quite far. 

I wonder what's ahead...let's all remember the true original when it comes to wearable computers - the calculator watch.

FROM FORTUNE -- Computers one wears, rather than carries in a briefcase, backpack or pocket, are at an "inflection point" -- a market poised to explode from $3 billion to $5 billion today to as much as $30 billion to $50 billion in three to five years. The theory is that smartphones are going to be the hub connecting a proliferation of small, wireless devices that will become increasingly popular as software improves, component prices fall and new business uses emerge.

"Bottom line," writes Ray, "the authors think wearables are 'a mega trend' and that 'your clients need to care' because the gizmos may have 'a significant and pervasive impact on the economy,' change how we all interact with technology, and may 'advance [the] Big Data paradigm.'"
Apple (AAPL) is likely to be one of the big winners in the new market, according to the report, along with eBay, Google, NXP Semiconductor and retail stocks, Nike, Under Armour and Alliance Data Systems.

Wearable Technology Market Is About To Explode
+  The author has worn Fitbit & Nike gizmos.