The Future of ATM Machines

Is this the future of ATM machines? 

Regardless, it is a running investment opportunity. This product is called a Self-Service Financial Machine (SFM). It combines frequently sought after services for the 68 million+ unbanked and under banked population, namely check cashing, cash withdrawal, money orders, bill payment, cellular refill minutes, prepaid debit cards, and transfer of money…all in one kiosk (above). At the time, no other product combines all these features into one self-service station. 

It makes you wonder if it's even needed, but according to some convincing stats - cash is still king, therefore meriting something like this for the scores of unbanked. Cash is used for about 65% of global payment transactions, a total of 360 billion cash transactions each year. And according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, cash dominates consumer retail payments: The total value of cash payments is nearly four times higher than the value of card-based payments. Cash is a favorite for tax reasons and the simple ease of handling it. If I had to forecast I would say that physical currency will remain the dominate force of currency for at least 10 more years. I can see a large program where business start paying by corporate debit instead of wires. 

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