AirWatch Raises $225 Mil

While AirWatch is not a household name they are becoming one. The fact that they've raised $225 mil for a Series A shows that they know the right people, and rightfully so. AirWatch is a becoming a very beefy company and their market and client base is constantly growing. Originally, AirWatch raised $200 mil in the round, but expanded it to host an additional $25 mil investment from Accel Partners. More for the long stretch - like going public, our hiring more talent. Headquartered in Atlanta, they are also down the street from my office at Perimeter Center. 

The mobile industry is exploding and as we all know, soon companies will be buying mobile device management (MDM) software for corporate devices. That's where AirWatch comes in - they lead the group. The hope is that when enterprises buy MDM software they will buy AirWatch's. In other words, AirWatch and its shareholders are counting on being the one everyone buys from - a Microsoft for the mobile industry if you will. 

AirWatch has grown from a scrappy startup (2003) known as Wandering WiFi to a top player with more than 6,000 customers— all bootstrapped by CEO Alan Dabbiere until now. In my eyes we can't really call them a startup anymore, but they still have the energy of one and that's what really matters.  They have a clear vision of what they are creating and where they intend to go. The restaurant chain bespeckled Wandering Wifi is a competitor of a company I am a director of. They are even the signal carrier for the Wi-Fi at my gym. They know how to build a footprint.