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Brussels Diamond Heist - International Masked Men

Diamond heist at a European airport? Eight masked men hijacked $50mil worth of diamonds from Brussels Airport. Authorities say it took less than five minutes, but conflicting reports have put the operation at eleven minutes. Sources say the ripple effect inside the diamond industry will be tremendous and have hinted there may be more to the theft than reported.
The fact that it took place in Europe, on a cold airport tarmac with masked men and a bunch of diamonds just makes it incredibly interesting.  Sometimes I wonder if there's a network of evil billionaires in the Alps who employ criminals to steal paintings and diamonds and bring them to the chateau to stow away inside their vaults. Maybe it's the Russians. I'd like to say there will be a follow up post about how you dispose of stolen diamonds, but that is unlikely. These diamonds were marked in some way or another. Read the NY Times article here.

Private Rooms In Hotels

Oh my, Saturday night and I am at a party. Oddly enough, there will be parties my whole life and I will be going to them, I am sure. At least some of them.
This room I'm in resembles a room in Japan where people are conversing. Maybe it's just the taupe coloring. Very, shall we say, continental. I bet the hotel management would love to hear that. Unfortunately, in today's world the term generally refers to a larger than expected buffet selection.
I happen to be planted at the end of the table tonight. That gave me reason enough to do a Saturday night blog post, via mobile.

China Hacks New York Times

BusinessInsider has an article that shows where the hacking trail ends. Read it!
The NY Times said China sent hackers into their network to gather intelligence on reports about the Chinese Government. Of course, China denies this and complains of recent hacker attacks to their infrastructure...

Gold Era Coming To An End

Has the gold rush seen its days? It doesn't look like $2000 per ounce is going to happen.