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Mexico Tariffs

On a call this morning the Mexico tariffs were discussed.
A few takeaways:

The tariffs proposed last night were metered and tiered with planned dates with amounts between 5% - 25%.  It is worth noting that Mexico is working with the US to stop any development on the threatened tariffs. However, also noted: Mexico is puzzled at "the best way to show immediate progress to combat the tariffs."

This approach is different from the last, and that has caused alarm.

Does this cancel NAFTA?  In the short term, no.

- Chad Hagan

More Chaos For Venezuela

Venezuela is descending into chaos, the crisis has deepend. - Chaganomics

U.S. flights to Venezuela are being suspended due to safety and security concerns, officials with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said Wednesday. - ABC News

The political and economic crisis deepened over the past month. On 30 April, opposition leader Juan Guaidó called for a military uprising to remove President Nicolás Maduro from office. The attempt, however, failed as it did not attract meaningful military support, raising uncertainty over the opposition’s future going forward. Meanwhile, oil production took another nosedive in March as widespread power outages and crippling U.S. sanctions took their toll. Production fell a staggering 289,000 barrels per day (bdp) from February, which amounts to an over 36% plunge since January, according to OPEC data. Moreover, U.S. and Canadian authorities announced new sanctions against the Venezuelan government in April, most notably targeting the country’s Cen…

Economic Outlook Worsens For Turkey

Economic Outlook Worsens For Turkey...

The Turkish economy continued to flag at the start of the year. Consumer credit growth eased to a decade low in Q1 2019, while retail sales continued to contract in the first two months of the year. Consumer spending felt the pinch from high unemployment, depressed confidence levels, still-elevated inflation and a weak currency. Moreover, the manufacturing sector remained in a tough spot as reflected by its weak PMI reading throughout Q1 and April. Against this backdrop, the government announced new reforms in early April in an attempt to stimulate the economy. In more positive news, tourism income rose robustly in the first quarter of the year as the number of visitors increased noticeably from a year earlier, likely aided by the starkly cheaper lira. Meanwhile, the trade deficit narrowed as imports continued to fall sharply through March in tandem with the plunging lira.
The economy is expected to shrink this year on the back of falling domest…

The Best Cities in the UK For Startups

The Best Cities in the UK For Startups

Location, location, location. Even in an increasingly digital world, choosing the right city to launch your startup in is an incredibly important decision. Running out of money is often a leading cause of startup death, and different cities around the UK offer wildly varying levels of support and funding for business. For example, whilst London is often see as the go-to location for budding UK businesses, the chances of actual surviving - never mind thriving - are pretty grim. Just 50% of businesses survive beyond three years in the capital city. Factors like high office rents, intense competition, and rising costs of living all play a part of this.
So, when choosing a location for your new venture it’s vital to be strategic and consider all of your options beyond the more obvious choices. With this in mind, Total Processing have put together a map using data from the Office for National Statistics. It contains all the essential information you n…