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Brent & WTI Forecasts

Brent Crude The panelist forecast range for Q4 2019 runs from a minimum of USD 56.8 per barrel to a maximum of USD 106.9 per barrel.
Brent crude oil prices continued to freefall over the last month, with the global oil benchmark sinking to more than a one-year low in late November. On 30 November, oil prices traded at USD 57.5 per barrel, which was down 24.0% from the same day last month. The benchmark price for global crude oil markets was down 9.5% from the same day last year and was 13.8% lower on a year-to-date basis. The announcement in early November that the U.S. would provide waivers to eight countries in order to allow them to continue purchasing Iranian oil after the implementation of U.S. sanctions on 4 November triggered the price spiral, as Iranian exports are now unlikely to fall as much as previously predicted. Moreover, Saudi Arabia, Russia and the U.S.—the world’s top three oil producers—are pumping close to all-time highs, adding further downward pressure on prices. …

Colombia Economic Outlook

Colombia outlook is stable.
Economic growth weakened slightly in Q3 as the government intensified its fiscal consolidation efforts and fixed investment growth slid on weaker business confidence and a wider slowdown in manufacturing activity. Leading indicators point to a moderation going into Q4, with consumer confidence falling further into negative territory in October on downbeat sentiment over general economic conditions. The manufacturing PMI also lost ground in October–November. After failing to gain approval for the first and second draft of the tax bill, the government is set to present a notably watered-down tax reform proposal to Congress, with its original revenue target halved. Fierce opposition forced the government to abandon the planned tax of basic foodstuffs, thereby compelling a freeze on spending in order to meet the fiscal goals and avert a potential credit rating downgrade.
The economy is expected to gain steam next year, powered by higher oil prices, increased in…

No Hard Brexit

No deal preparations have begun.
Leaving Europe with a prepackaged deal like the current deal would be disastrous in my opinion, but a hard Brexit seems equally as disastrous...THIS POST IS DEVELOPING