The World Islamic

How Much World Government Is Under Allah?
(chart above: blue the least, red the most)

How big is the Muslim world? Substantial to say the least. The worst part is that the areas are spotted with affluence and poverty, dichotomies similar to the dream of liberal Islamic beliefs and radical Islamic arabs. I put together a few visuals to depict the size of this growing section of our globe. I have two charts, one depicts the Muslim world in blue, the other a chart showing Islamic law and rights. Red (60) is "sharia at a personal level" which is not state sponsored, so the lightest in a sense. However, law is held at home, or through other civil - personal courts.

Regardless, If you were to stick the Jewish state (Israel) on the map it would not show up...My confusion with the Middle East is the mere fact that there is a Muslim world, chalk full of state players. There is a Jewish state. That state is in constant struggle against the Muslim world. There needs to be a larger and more concrete Jewish state to shield itself from the horrid Arabian monsters over the hills. Our neighbor Jordan is in the pocket, and helps create a - more stable - regime of permanence, verses the constant strive to achieve the 1500 year old version of a caliphate.

As a supporter of Israel, we have to wonder why the Muslim world has been allowed to integrate Sharia and Muslim religion into countries. Many - if not all of these countries - deny the existence of Israel, and would go as far as to stop Israeli passport holders from traveling through their country. Yet Jews - who have liberals and ultra-orthodox in the ranks - don't don suicide vests no matter how ideological they get on their faith.

The Muslim world must adapt to modern life, and the best way is by confiscating and removing them from the West Bank. While it is a terrible reality to displace some, we have let the Arabs incubate a middle aged fantasy religion, that has now become mainstream radical Islam. 

Here is a 2014 graph from Pew. It shows the total population of Muslims, globally. Link:

Here is map showing a potential three state solution to Syria