Inflation Nation: CPI & Non-Farm Payrolls

You can make a ton of assumptions by looking at this chart.
While prices are rising, jobs are vanishing (that is one).

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The chart above shows the percentage change in non-farm payrolls with the percentage change in the consumer price index starting in January of 1939. The divide begins in 1970. What is non-farm? Outside of it not being payrolls from a farm "nonfarm payroll is a monthly report generated and reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics intended to represent the total number of paid U.S. workers of any business" - Investopedia.
Nonfarm payroll employment is a compiled name for goods, construction and manufacturing companies in the US. It does not include farm workers, private household employees, or non-profit organization employees - Wikipedia

Latest Assassination Is For Syria

Modern assassinations are interesting, rather scary and in my personal opinion strange but they have not fallen out of favor for the insane or for toughies, unlike dueling or jousting. Adding the mere fact of the potential makes one wish to stay highly old fashioned and bolted up inside. The scare of being assassinated is pretty uncommon in America, and if one were to do a study on the statistics of assassinations I suspect you would see clusters of geographical hotbeds through the decades and crime trends. Regardless - assassinations - I have blogged about them before and one of my more popular posts is about an assassination via a pneumatic umbrella in London: See "Death By Umbrella"

Recent news:
An Ankara police officer dressed in a suit and tie shouted slogans about Syria’s civil war after he killed Russia’s ambassador to Turkey in front of stunned onlookers at a photo exhibition in the Turkish capital on Monday, according to officials and an Associated Press photographer who witnessed the shooting. Police later killed the assailant.

Russia & Turkey assured fellow envoys and grandee's that Russian-Turkish relations will not be affected. Here is a link to the video with the shooter, and live updated via The Independent.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the killing of the Russian ambassador to Ankara is designed to spoil Russo-Turkish ties. Mr Putin said the killing of Andrey Karlov in the Turksih capital was also intended to derail the Syria peace process.