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Ga. medical-marijuana bill dead for 2014 -

House Bill 885, 2014

Can we say CYA?
Gov. Deal wants reelection and is too timid to allow anything like a weed bill to pass this session (2014 Ga Assembly). Much like the fate of House Bill 4.
While that may seem ridiculous, it is also heartless and economically stupid, but that is politics and such is life.

House Bill 885, which received overwhelming support - and victory in the house - is dead for 2014, but support and dedication will make this a reality in 2015, and let us strive for a more progressive bill that will emerge to push the state and commissions to allow innovation and deregulation to create alternative revenue, and kick-start countless other ventures related to medicine, agriculture and health. 

"ATLANTA - The effort to legalize medical marijuana in Georgia this year died at midnight despite votes favoring the move in both houses. The General Assembly adjourned for the 2014 session with the House and Senate stalemated over the move to tie the medical marijuana bill to…

Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition for Quiznos Global LLC shows the chain has about $50,000 in assets and from $500 million to $1 billion in liabilities.

What a mess! The Quiznos details emerge:

The voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition that Quiznos Global LLC filed Friday shows Quiznos has as much as $50,000 in assets and from $500 million to $1 billion in liabilities. Quiznos checked the box on the petition indicating the company has from 10,001 to 25,000 creditors.

Quiznos included in its filing a list of the 35 largest unsecured creditors, with U.S. Bank listed as being owed $173.8 million. But the bank said it's merely the agent for the collateralized debt obligation and isn't owed any money by Quiznos.

Quiznos owes three other companies more than $1 million.

Horizon Media Inc., an advertising agency in New York, has an unsecured claim for $3.67 million. MG-1005 LLC, the Denver company that previously owned the downtown building where Quiznos has its headquarters, is owed $3.62 million. Maple Leaf Bakery Inc., of Des Plaines, Ill., has an unsecured claim for $1.65 million.

The Wall Street Journal reported the senior credito…

Savannah Port Snubbed By Obama Administration

Savannah Port Snubbed By Obama Administration

Despite frequent public promises by the President and the vice President to fund the federal portion of the dredging of the Savannah Harbor, when it came time to pony up, the White House proved it can't keep promises, and the scramble is on to keep the port expansion project on track.Governor Deal announced that Georgia would keep the project going with the $231 million in State funds already committed -but the White House says they can't permit that. "Because Congress hasn't reauthorized the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) in more than seven years, many projects like the project in Savannah, Ga., haven't been able to move forward," read a White House statement. That's not procedural, that's deliberate.